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Golf is going through a technological boom that doesn’t just evolve around clubs and launch monitors. We now have a better understanding of how the best players in the world manage their way around the golf course through stat tracking and what stats are actually important. But stat tracking isn’t just important to the games elite, it can be extremely useful for everyday golfers. If you are serious about improving your game we have to know what happens on the course. This can be done with various systems such as Arccos golf or Decade as well as many others. The feedback these systems provide comes in the form of strokes gained, shot tendency, up and down to name a few. This information is extremely important when it comes to knowing what to work on. No longer are the days or not knowing what to work on. You know will have the ability to focus your practice and see actual improvement on the course.


Make it a goal for 2023 to start tracking your stats and watch the shots drop as your practice becomes more meaningful. If you have questions about either Arccos or Decade please send me an email at dillon.baker@pga.com.

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