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There are many advantages to working on your game indoors. For starters you have a launch monitor collecting data on your every swing. Data that is super important to understand to help you improve. Also it provides an easy set up to train effectively with a video camera capturing your every swing for you to review and analyze. 

If you can understand the basics of launch monitor data and know what you need to see on video from your swing you are well on your way to not only improving but accelerating your improvement. Too many golfers rely on what their ball does to determine if they were successful or not. The problem with this is that that golf ball can lie. Yes you heard that right. I have seen some pretty bad and inconsistent swings find a way to make contact with the ball and send it in the correct direction. The problem with this is that it is inconsistent. No golfer wants inconsistency, they all want consistency. 

So how do we achieve more consistency? We start by using something everyone has these days, which is their phone. The phones now have awesome cameras that can capture your swing. To help you set yourself up for success when golf moves indoors follow these steps.

  1. Get a tripod or some sort of phone stand to capture your swing
  2. Download a swing analyzer that allows you to draw lines. There are many free ones out there
  3. Meet with your coach and have them walk you through what you need to look at on video and only focus on what they tell you. If you don’t have a coach and would like to schedule a time with me please shoot me an email – dillon.baker@pga.com
  4. Head to an indoor facility that has space for you to set up your camera for either a down the line or face on view depending on what your coach wants you to address. If the system they use allows you to connect your camera to it that would be best. These systems would be like a trackman or foresights system among others. Understand that your focus is to work on your game effectively and not to just hit balls.
    1. Make sure the camera is at hand height at address and it’s looking directly through the hands for both down the line and face on angles. 

Great now you are all set up for success but what does the process of actually working on your swing look like? Follow these steps.

  1. Make slow motion rehearsals without a ball present. How slow exactly. If you are unsure if you are doing it correctly, you are moving too fast. Do these rehearsals several times.
  2. Make the same slow motion swing with a ball. You don’t need to worry about contact or how far it goes because you are focused on what the movements look like and if they have changed. 
  3. Review the video and see how you did. If it was successful then repeat the process over again. If it wasn’t a success then focus on the rehearsals again and slow the swing down even more. You may even get to a point where you dribble the ball 10 yards and that is completely fine. 

If you follow these steps and do it each and every time and consistently you will see change. Once the swings look right on video you can add very small increments of speed. This process will take some time and you have to be patient but if you want to be better and make a change for the better you have to be disciplined and diligent in your approach. 

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