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Fitting Clubs for Juniors

Getting fitted clubs for a junior golfer is extremely important. This is because it will affect their development and overall potential. When clubs are fit correctly it will make it easier for them to learn proper ball striking and develop speed which is super important in today’s game. When clubs are too long for a junior this will make them swing slower and they will have to make compensations in their swing which produce poor ball striking. 

When fitting a junior golfer for clubs we need to fit them to their current height as best we can and not fit to their age. This will ensure the clubs are the proper length but also the proper weight. We know that kids on average grow around 3” per year which means that kids will get 1-2 years out of a set of junior clubs before needing a different set. One mistake I see happen a lot is when parent’s buy the next size up so they will grow into the clubs. This brings us back to the development of the junior and how too long and heavy of clubs are detrimental to their learning and growth. 

The proper length of a junior set should be as follows:

  • Driver = 66% of juniors height in inches
  • 3 wood = 64% of juniors height in inches

As long as the set is a complete set of the same clubs and the above parameters are met the set is a good fit for the junior. Almost every junior set out there has height parameters for their sets. For example the US Kids Golf sets have sets for every 3” to ensure the juniors clubs are the correct fit for their height. 

If you have any questions about junior clubs or want to know if they set you have is a good fit please send me an email at dillon.baker@Pga.com

If you are in need of a junior set please contact me and use this code: DBGJuniorGolf to receive 15% off a junior set order through me. 

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