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What exactly is golf? Is it a game that is played in an ever changing environment where no two situations are the same. However if you were to go to a course and watch people practice you will likely see many people on the range working on a golf swing. Working on the swing in a “safe” environment where you will have the same lie, target and most likely the same club in back to back swings. This is not golf, this is people fixating on their swing. The golf swing however is only 1 part of the pie to improve as a golfer. There are 4 parts main pieces that make up the pie.

Physical training is training your body to perform at its best. Golf has become increasingly athletic and all the top golfers rigorously train their bodies. Equipment is your club and making sure they fit you and your game. Technique is the skills required to hit the shots needed to play. Mental is how you play the game. The mental and physical parts are often the most neglected with most golfers focusing on technique and equipment. 


One thing we have to remember in all this is that golf is a game and it is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing. If a golfer focused more on their mental game and less on their technique they would see amazing results. Playing a round of golf with no stress, tension or fear is an amazing feeling. When this happens the body performs better and hits more quality shots which equals lower scores. 


Just as the great Bobby Jones said “Golf is a game played on a 5 inch course”. Meaning the one between your ears. Next time you head to the course for a round just remember that golf is a game and not a swing. 


Need help with your mental game and strategy around the course. Shoot me an email to learn more. dillon.baker@Pga.com


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